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Hot Spring in Narita [Yamato no Yu - Onsen]


10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.  7 days a week

Admission Fee
Week Days: ¥800 / Weekends & Holiday: ¥1000
Junior(6 - 12)(with Guardian):¥300
(children Under 6 are not allowed to enter)


May 9th, 2016

We have prepared more than 70 wines from many famous Japanese wineries.

April 26th, 2016

The 'Takenoko'(Bamboo shoot) season is from Spring to early Summer.

April 2nd, 2016

At Yamato-no-yu, we can enjoy Cherry-blossom viewing during this season even while bathing .

Yamato-no-yu Outlook


I remember the time the members of 'Narita Rojin-nokai' (Narita Elderly Association) came to my office suddenly and passionately requested I open the Onsen (Hot spring) facility at Ohtake in Narita in 1996 (Heisei 8).

Two years later, on October 10th, 1998, the original Yamato no Yu was opened. We originally estimated there would be about 200 visitors daily, so we constructed a small one-storey building of modern concrete design.

However, we were overwhelmed by the response, and 700 visitors came on holidays. Shoe lockers were overflowing with shoes and there was a queue daily. Three years after the foundation of Yamato no Yu, we decided to reconstruct it to have the capacity for 1,000 people and it was redesigned to reflect modern Japanese culture's wish for a sophisticated day spa. We teamed up with the famous architect 'Habuka Takao' to design and build the facility.

As a facility born of citizens' demands, we are intend to maintain the original purpose of the facility, and esteem to be a natural hot spring that will always be cherished by the local citizens for whom it was built.

Please enjoy your relaxing visit to Yamatono-yu.


Naohiko Nakajima