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How to Bath

Bathing Manners

  • Bathing duration depends on the temperature of the spring. At first, you should only bathe from 5 - 10mins. When you become used to the spring you may prolong the time in time frame.
  • Please, avoid bathing before and after eating.
  • Please, avoid bathing after drink.
  • Quickly getting into the spa may be dangerous. Please take your time.
  • A relaxed state of mind should be the intent, to completely enjoy the experience.
  • After bathing it is recommended that you naturally dry off. This will enhance the full effect of the spring treatment.
  • f you have any negative reactions to the spring, it is highly recommended that you wash off using the showers.
  • After bathing, be careful of your body’s temperature. It is common that extreme temperature variations can cause sickness. Please make sure you leave the spring facilities fully clothed and well insulated.

Onsen Therapy

  • When you start Onsen therapy make sure your routine is once a day for the first few days. Once your body becomes used to the therapy, 2 - 3 time per day is recommended.
  • For serious therapy treatment, the duration of Onsen therapy should be a time frame of 2 - 3 weeks.
  • After 3 days to 1 weeks of Onsen therapy you may experience a reaction or effect to your body. It is highly recommended that you decrease the durations of bathing or stop until your body naturally recovers.

Bathing Rules

The customer may be asked to follow the following policies of hygiene precautions in order to maintain public safety.

  • Wash your body completely and thoroughly using the showering systems located next to the hot spring before entering the hot spring water.
  • In the spring, please respect others privacy, and maintain a mature behavior.
  • Do not run, jump, or endanger others or yourself when entering the springs.
  • Make sure not to use the mini towel in the spring water. The mini towel should only be used for washing down in the shower facilities.
  • Please make you clean up initially and after you have showered. Including the placement of any equipment used, and any soap residue remaining.
  • Do not wash your towel or any other items in the bathroom or spring areas.
  • Please do not run in the bathroom or spring areas to ensure safety of both others and yourself.

Our hot springs are not for drinking.