Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Pristine fresh spring mineral waters flow from the natural spring beneath Yamato no Yu

View the beautiful countryside and nature that spreads out in front of you

Relaxing your body, immersing yourself in the soothing spring waters, it feels like there's no time or space

'Meisen' (Life Spring) is the perfect name for the tranquility and harmony you will experience

Sodium−Chloride, Hydrogen Carbonate
Source Temperature
19 Degrees
Heated Temperature
41 Degrees
Neuralgia, Muscle Ache, Arthralgia, Stiff Shoulder, Motor Weakness, Stiff Joint, Bruise, Sprain, Chronic Digestive Disorder, Hemorrhoid, Excessive Cold Sensitivity, Convalescent, Relieving Fatigue, Health Enhancement, Incision injuries, Burns, Weak Constitution, Chronic Gynecologic Disorders.
Not Recommended
Acute Disease (especially people with high fevers), Active Tuberculosis, Malignancy, Cardiopathy, Respiratory Failure, Renal Failure, Hemorrhagic Disease, Serious Anemia, Other Advancing Diseases, Pregnancy (especially primary and end stages).

At Yamato no Yu, we draw more than 120 liters of hot water per minute directly from the source, and after heating it to just the right temperature, it pours from the spout as drawn. Bath water that overflows from edges of the bath is not reused. Fresh hot water is always being supplied to bath to keep it full. We have also installed a water circulation and filtration system that cleans the water in the bath and keeps it at the perfect temperature. There is no one word to describe this system, but the important points are summarized below.

  • After being warmed to just the right temperature, hot water from the source flows directly into the bath.
  • Hot water that overflows from bath is disposed of, not reused.
  • Hot water in bath itself circulates through a water circulating filtration device, which maintains both the freshness and temperature of the onsen.

Main Inside Bath

The hot spring water that flows freely directly underneath Yamato no Yu provides an ever-flowing stream of fresh spring mineral water. With a magnificent view of some of Japan’s most exquisite rural scenery you will be left breathless with a sense of serenity and at one with nature.

Not only does our hot spring provide a natural scenario of tranquility and harmony, but has also been proven to help the human body’s neural system and an effective treatment for the following ailments: Nerve tension, muscle pain, incision injuries, burns, and chronic gynecologic disorders.

Open Air Bath

Naturally laid rock formations create an exhilarating atmosphere that captivates some of the roots of the Japanese precision for detail and mastery of presentation. The open-air environment creates an atmosphere that you can reach out and touch. Feel at one with nature in this enchanting environment from day to night; experience the colors of your surroundings seamlessly transform captivating a spectacular visual display. The natural surroundings of the trees and wildlife will add to the flavor of this unforgettable experience and will awaken the senses.

There are a total of 8 open-air baths that vary in both size and form, including wooden tub baths, and Jacuzzi’s.

Open Air Bath_with Private Day Room

Open Air Bath_with Private Day Room

With only 3 exclusive rooms available, escape to this timeless place of comfort and serenity enjoying nature in the comfort of your own privacy. Enjoy the natural sensation of an open-air environment surrounded by a scenic view of some of Japan’s most beautiful countryside. Finally, retire to your private room and indulge in the tastes of Japanese cuisine and traditional foods.


Our sauna not only creates a comforting and relaxing environment, it also helps to rejuvenate your body and purifies you of any poisonous fluids your body may contain. Exclusive to Yamato no Yu, our sauna uses dry air that helps to create a pleasant environment and extrude the sweat from your body, which will leave you with the sensation of soft smooth skin.

Our sauna also provides a shower area and cold water to help revitalize your body.


Feel the sense of gradual relaxation and healing progression in this exhilarating and unique experience. The Radiant bathing area is designed to maintain 1 to 1.5 degrees above your body temperature. With access to the underground mineral spring, the floor, walls, and bed are naturally heated. After bathing in the spring, stretch out and relax on one of our reclining chairs adding an extra special touch to your comfort, and allow the natural hot spring to do the rest of the work.