Milk and Sandwiches Available

June 8th, 2015

June has come, accompanied by the humidity caused by the late-spring, early-summer rains. However, the "Ajisai"(hydrangea) are in full bloom giving color to the hills behind Yamato no Yu. With the favorable weather last weekend, the windows were opened to their full extent, allowing visitors to enjoy a pleasant breeze while taking in the beauty of the landscape. We hope you enjoyed last weekend, too.

At this time, delicious traditional sandwiches and milk are available at Yamato no Yu. Both the sweet bun and the milk are produced by local manufacturer, Furuya Dairy. The milk is their select "Fusa no megumi".

"Fusa no megumi" is produced with great care by local farmers. It is sterilized for 15 seconds at 75 degrees (according to the HTST sterilization method), which allows "Fusa no megumi" to keep its original freshness while keeping the degradation of heat-sensitive protein to a minimum level.
Milked with great care by the dairy farmers of Chiba prefecture, which is the origin of dairy farming in Japan, the strictest sanitary conditions are enforced
"Fusa no megumi" is, of course, natural whole milk, so you can enjoy the sweetness of unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk.

After exercising in the gym, or bathing in the spa, why not treat yourself to something wholesome to refresh and replenish your body?