Contemporary art project "Fuwari-no-mori"

June 15th, 2015

"Fuwari-no-mori", a contemporary art project, is being exhibited near Yamato-no-yu.
This project is an "Artist in Residence" program based in Narita.
Through their art, popular artists from home and abroad are transforming the forests around Narita into a contemporary art site, hoping to attract art-lovers from around the world.
The General director is Yusuke Shimura, who is an internationally-active contemporary artist, and a native of Narita.

Yamato-no-yu supports the concept behind "Fuwari-no-mori" and we are sponsoring these events and will continue to promote this and other exhibitions like it.
Please come back and check here for schedule updates and further information.

"Fuwari-no-mori" near "Yamato-no-yu". When the weather is fine, why don't you take a walk to Fuwari-no-mori?
There is even a comfortable bench to sit and rest while enjoying the beautiful flowers in the garden.

The vending machine decorated by with Yusuke Shimura's illustrations is also a must-see.

"Fuwari-no-mori", surrounded by rich nature.
Why don't you come and experience contemporary art in the wonderful environment of Narita?

"Fuwari-no-mori" art project web site