"Suzune" Sparkling Sake

June 12th, 2018

Sake is said to be the best of all medicines. There are many kinds of Sake and it's always enjoyable to find one you can call one of your favorites. In your search for a new favorite, have you ever come across a sparkling sake?

Well, let us tell you introduce you to one of the sparks in the sparkling Sake boom, "Suzune" from "Ichinokura", made locally here in Chiba Prefecture.

300ml 1,500 yen

"Suzune" Sparkling Sake is so delicious that we recommend it even to people who may not be so fond of Sake to begin with.
Once you try it, we anticipate your feelings about Sake will change.
With the gentle taste of Sake made from rice, the soft sweet-and-sour flavor will spread throughout your mouth tantilizing your tastebuds. Suzune is low in alcohol, so people who don't usually drink Sake will also be pleased.
We highly recommend your trying it with our seasonal dishes.