A new way to enjoy Suntory's Non-alcohol-beer, "Suntory All-Free"

July 2nd, 2018

On June 29th, it was announced that the rainy season had come to an end in the Kanto District. Summer will be longer than usual this year.

On hot summer days, beer is an exceptional way to quench one's thirst, but those who drive to Yamato-no-yu will choose "Suntory All-Free", albeit reluctantly.

For these law-abiding citizens, Suntory has offered us a new way to enjoy "All-Free".

How is that, you ask? Fill a glass with ice, and pour "All-Free" into the glass, and enjoy!

The drink will be even colder and more refreshing, and all the more desirable drink as it is perfectly matched for a for hot summer day!

We have special glasses set aside for this drink.
Please enjoy Suntory All-Free with ice at this hot time of the year.