Private Room with Bath

July 30th, 2018

It has been extremely hot these days. It is probably likely that many have gotten tired both physically, as well as mentally.
In this intense heat, wouldn’t it be a good idea to spend a few hours at Yamato no Yu in a cool, private room alone or with your family?
At Yamato no Yu, we have Private Rooms with Baths. We recommend you take some time for yourself, spend an hour or so in the private room, soaking in the open-air bath, healing both body and mind.

  • Room with Tatami Mats

  • Room with Wooden Floor

  • Open-air bath

Fee for Private Room with Bath: 1 hour 2800 yen~ Note: the fee does not include the Yamato no Yu admission fee.

You can also enjoy a private meal in the room. We have prepared Sushi and other Japanese foods and Japanese-style western foods. Please enjoy the delicious cuisine prepared by our talented chef.