Introduction to "Sushi Bar Shion"

January 18th, 2019

At "Sushi Bar Shion", we always prepare sushi using seasonal fish. But not only sushi. You can also enjoy other dishes.
In the calm atmosphere of the Shion counter, it is good to relax and chat, and enjoy sushi and drinks.

Although some customers say that it takes courage to enter a Sushi Bar alone, at Shion, there are many customers who come alone regardless of gender.

Some enjoy full course dishes (from side dishes to Nigirizushi), and some enjoy only side dishes or only Nigirizushi. Everyone enjoys the dishes while chatting with chef and relaxing in their own way.
Please feel free to drop in at your convenience.

At this time, we also recommend you enjoy a glass of light, fruity Suntory Premium Maltz beer.