Third floor Japanese Restaurant "Ajisai": "The secret is in the rice."

February 8th 2019

Let us introduce the rice we use for the third floor Japanese Restaurant "Ajisai", which is popular among customers.

At "Ajisai", we use "Koshihikari" brand rice grown in Narita using "Bionic organic fertilizer", which is made from sardines and rice bran.
"Bionic organic fertilizer" is special, and by continuously using this fertilizer, the soil becomes more productive, and the products of the soil become tastier.
The farmer that produces the rice for "Ajisai" is a "Bionic organic fertilizer" professional who has been using the fertilizer for more than 10 years. The result can be tasted in the delicious rice that he produces.
This painstakingly-grown rice is cooked to a sweet taste by our staff.

This is the secret of the popularity of our rice.

You can enjoy "Koshihikari" rice when you order delicious dishes from the "Ajisai" menu.
We are looking forward to your visit from the bottom of our hearts.