February 12th 2019

Let us introduce our popular spa menu at Yamaton-no-yu.

-Body Therapy 45 minutes 4,500yen-
For guests who suffer from stiff shoulders or a misaligned spine...
The entire body will be massaged, focusing on the exhausted parts.

-Aroma Therapy 45 minutes 6,000yen-
Sweet scents heal your tired body and mind.
Each guest is treated to a personalized, original essential oil experience.

In addition to the above, there are a variety of other treatments on the menu for each guest’s relaxation needs.

All treatments are performed in private rooms.
The décor of each room varies, creating unique calming atmospheres in which guests can relax completely and receive treatment.

When the body gets cold, blood vessels get constricted, resulting in poor blood circulation. This, in turn, causes stiffness in the shoulders, swelling of the hands, legs and face, dullness of skin and a variety of other symptoms. Why not treat yourself to a massage, improving your blood circulation and warming your body from the inside out, revitalizing you thoroughly to overcome the cold winter?

We are looking forward to serving you. Please note that reservations are required for treatments.