The correct way to bathe in an Onsen

February 18th 2019

Onsens are known to be good for your health.
By understanding the correct way to bathe, the effects of the Onsen can be enhanced.

== To begin with, what is an Onsen? ==

In Japanese Onsen law, an Onsen is defined as "Water, vapor or gas (except for natural gas, of which the main ingredient is Bicarbonate) that springs from the earth and contains a certain amount (or more) of particular chemical ingredients or the temperature of which is more than 25 degrees."

== Onsen is good for your body ==

The benefit of Onsens is not only to bathe in hot water. You can also enjoy local nature, communicate with others, immerse yourself in Japanese culture, and relax, stepping away from daily stress.Furthermore, you can enhance your body's natural healing power with the stimulation of the Onsen's heat and chemical ingredients.

== Correct way to bathe in an Onsen ==

  1. First, before entering the Onsen, please pour hot water over your body.
  2. When you get into the Onsen, firstly immerse only half of your body in the hot water to get accustomed.
  3. When you get out of the Onsen, it is best not wash your body. Allowing the chemical ingredients of the Onsen's water to react with your skin will have a better effect on your skin.
  4. Please ensure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water afterwards.
  5. Please be sure to rest after bathing.

When your bath at home is not quite enough to heal your body from daily exhaustion or when you want to detox and cleanse your skin to make it more beautiful...The best way to heal an exhausted body is by immersing it in a natural Onsen. A natural Onsen is different from a home bath, as the water is of the highest quality. The larger size of the Onsen bath will allow you to immerse your entire body in the hot water and stretch your legs for greater relief. Our Onsen water comes from a 100% natural source, and 120 liters per minute are pumped into the baths to ensure cleanliness. From the open air bath, the wide expanse of local fields and the beautiful, shiny "Inbanuma" marsh in the distance is a relaxing sight. The natural birdsong and the serene sounds of the babbling brook will also help to relax your body and mind, helping to ease your fatigue.

We invite first-timers to experience firsthand the benefits of the Onsen.
We are looking forward to serving you.