How to select an Onsen Day Spa

February 26th 2019

The main benefits of a Day Spa are from the thermal effect, buoyancy effect and hydrostatic pressure effect. You may be able to feel the benefits of these effects even after only a few bathing sessions depending on the quality of the spring water.

Dark brown spring water, like that at Yamato-no-yu, which gives you the feeling that you are really bathing in an Onsen, is said to be more relaxing. We think the important point when selecting and Onsen facility is whether they have the type of bath you want to soak in. Some want to relax in an open-air bath; others want to experience the effects of a jet bath massaging their body. Everyone has their own preferred way to enjoy Onsen. Some want to have a massage after bathing, while others prefer to enjoy a meal after bathing. Whether an Onsen facility has those services becomes a very important point when selecting an Onsen.

If you are able to find an Onsen you can call your favorite, the Onsen benefits will definitely be more enhanced.