Signs of coming spring

March 1st 2019

A few days ago, I discovered a tree which was already budding at the corner of the Yamato-no-yu parking lot.
I was impressed by the tree's powerful looks in these still cold days of lingering winter.

Later, it was explained to me that the tree was an elderberry tree.
I learned that the elderberry is known to bud earlier than other plants and it lets us know that spring is coming.

I was quite happy to find this early sign of coming spring.
Recently, the opportunities for us to touch nature have become fewer and fewer. However, the environment around Yamato-no-yu is filled with nature and we can always find something new or signs of the changing seasons.
Nature can be seen not only from the open-air-bath and the viewing platform of Yamato-no-yu, but even the surrounding environment and parking lots can also be entertaining.

We were very impressed with the budding elderberry tree’s power.