The spring fragrance of the Winter Daphne

March 22nd 2019

The weather is getting warmer, and more comfortable day by day.

At Yamato-no-yu, following the elderberry tree, which began to bloom at the beginning of March, the Winter Daphne has also begun to bloom.
The Winter Daphne is a major spring tree whose blossoms have a pleasant fragrance. The "Spring Winter Daphne", the "Summer Gardenia Jasminoides" and the "Autumn Osmanthus" are known as the "Major Fragrance Trees". Of these, the fragrance of the Winter Daphne is said to reach the farthest distance.

You can enjoy the fragrance of the Winter Daphne in the breeze while bathing in the Yamato-no-yu open air bath.
When one is bathing and relaxing in the open air bath in the fragrant breeze, one cannot help but lose track of time.
We recommend you experience this relaxing sensation brought on by the fragrance of the seasonal Winter Daphne.
As a side note, in the language of flowers, the Winter Daphne means glory and victory.

We are looking forward to your visit.