Is it not a hot spring if the flow of water is not constant?

March 26th 2019

Constant flow refers to hot water flowing directly from the spring into the bath, and that the water is circulated rather than re-used.
How the water from the source is used differs depending on the onsen. Many onsen will circulate the water as is, while others heat and even add water.

At our Yamato-no-yu, we combine natural circulation with heat and filtration to maintain the temperature and hygiene.
We heat the water which flows at a rate of 120 liters per minute from the source, and this then flows into the baths. The water that overflows from the baths is not reused, while the bath is continuously filled from the source flow.
Therefore, the water is always hot and clean.

The quality of the water from the natural source is the strong point of the Yamato-no-yu onsen.
Your skin feels smooth when touched in the water.
Your body will remain warm for many hours after bathing.
The isotonic water penetrates your skin to moisturize it, and the slightly alkaline soft spring water is gentle on your skin.
Pls enjoy the wonder of the high quality of our natural spring water.