Yamato-no-yu’s high quality spring water -- "Natrium = hydrogen carbonate springs"

March 29th 2019

There are various quality levels for hot spring water, categorized as "Spring Quality".

One type has a strong smell of sulfur, another is dark brown in color, and yet another is tasteless and odorless.. There are many differences in color, smell, taste and effects depending on the components. Spring Quality is a unique feature of each Onsen.
Those who appreciate Onsen usually have a favorite quality they look for in Onsen.

The major types of Spring Quality are as below.

  1. simple hot spring
  2. chloride spring
  3. hydrogen carbonate spring
  4. sulfate spring
  5. carbon dioxide spring
  6. iron-content spring
  7. acidic spring
  8. iodine-content spring
  9. sulfur spring
  10. radioactive spring

Yamato-no-yu's spring fits into the hydrogen carbonate type. Your body will remain warm for many hours after bathing, and it is especially recommended for women.
Moreover, the alkalinity of a hydrogen carbonate spring cleanses fats or secretions on your skin surface, so you can feel refreshed after bathing. The hydrogen carbonate spring is also known as "Spring for Beauty".
Furthermore, hydrogen carbonate springs are effective in healing skin disease, cuts wounds and burns.

Please enjoy the comfort of our high quality spring water.