Are Onsen Day Spas even effective?

April 9th 2019

Originally, Onsen Spas were rich in nature and it was thought that people should take many days to enjoy and relax in an Onsen.
But recently, Onsen Day Spa facilities, which are located near cities, have increased, and many people have started to enjoy Daily Onsen bathing.

Now Onsen Day Spas have become common. They are seen as a necessity to soothe both body and mind for the Japanese. But, does only one visit to an Onsen day Spa have much effect?

Onsen are often used to cure injuries or diseases. But the Onsen's effects go beyond only these. They also have a thermal effect, a buoyancy effect and a hydrostatic pressure effect, all of which you can feel the effects of with even one bathing.
You'll be relaxed and recover from fatigue from one visit to an Onsen Day Spa.

Also, Open-air bath Onsen which are surrounded by a lot of nature, like Yamato-no-yu, will accelerate your relaxation and refresh your body and mind. You'll definitely be satisfied.
Other than the Onsen's original effects, they have a rich relaxing atmosphere.