The difference between "Made in Japan wine" and "Japanese Wine"

April 16th 2019

"Japanese Wine" refers to wine which is made from grapes which are 100% produced in Japan.
On the other hand, "Made in Japan wine" refers to wine which is made in Japan, but consists of imported grapes.

Japan authorities designate the rule as below (as of October 30th, 2018) .

"Japanese Wine"
wine made in Japan from grapes which are 100% produced in Japan.
"Made in Japan wine"
wine made in Japan from foreign grapes.
"Imported Wine"
wine is made in foreign country and is imported

Among these, only "Japanese Wine" can be approved to have its place of origin, kind of grapes and crop year printed on the label.
Recently Japanese wine has come to be recognized for the quality and some have been awarded gold prizes in foreign contests. The quality of Japanese wine has been improving dramatically.

Japanese wine is said to go well with seafood.
Japan is surrounded by sea, so Japanese wine contains less organic acidic salt compared to European wines which are often made in interior of continents. The lower volume of acidic salts in the wine is effective in neutralizing the smell of fish.

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