Introducing a limited-time only seasonal drink!

June 14th 2019

Yamato-no-yu is offering a limited-time only seasonal drink at the drink bar on the second floor of Yamato-no-yu.
We are currently offering a "fresh-squeezed Juicy Orange juice" as special seasonal drink, which is popular among customers.

The Juicy Orange is a Japanese orange brand, which is, incidentally, produced from the famous "Buntan" lineage.
It is also referred to as "Kawachibankan" and "Mishokan" depending on where it is grown.
It's rich, fresh taste is similar to that of the grapefruit, but less sour.

Also, Juicy Oranges are filled with vitamins, which are effective in preventing dry skin and colds.
They also contain various ingredients which are effective in curing fatigue, regulating the functions of the intestines and cancer prevention.
Particularly, Juicy Oranges have about 4 times more Aurapten than grapefruits, and about 2.5 times more Hepta methoxyflavone than mandarin oranges.
These ingredients have been getting a lot of attention for having said to prevent dementia by retarding inflammation of the brain, and these effects are currently being researched actively.

The Juicy Orange juice is the perfect seasonal drink for health maintenance!
The oranges are squeezed and the juice poured into the glass right before your eyes. Please give it a try.

We are looking forward to your visit.