Introducing a wine that goes well with Sushi, "Japan Premium Koshu".

June 19th 2019

"Japan premium Koshu" was awarded the "Best Japanese Wine Award" at "Sakura Awards", which is judged by women active in the wine industry.

What is "Japan Premium Koshu"?

It is unique Japanese white wine, which is said to have been first produced 1000 years ago.
The flavor features a tinge of mandarin citrus flavor, and it has a rich taste.
The taste is so sensitive that it goes well with the sushi dishes, and it brings out the best of the ingredients of Japanese food or Sushi.
Recently, it enjoys an excellent reputation not only in Japan, but also around the world.

Please enjoy various sushi delicacies together with this tasty wine at the sushi bar "Shion" at Yamato-no-yu.
We are looking forward to your visit from bottom of our hearts.