Introducing a red wine we recommend called "RAKU-SEN-KOH"

July 2nd 2019

"RAKU-SEN-KOH" is a unique well-aged red wine from a long-established brewery in Nikko called "Kojimaya".
They stock red wine from Koshu, and age it for three years in cool air from Lake Chuzenji and Mt. Nantaisanroku. The result is a red wine with rich flavor and a mildly sour taste.
It is very popular among wine lovers and goes well with Japanese food, as well.

Red wine has some health advantages.

  • It can prevent lifestyle diseases
  • It can delay aging of the brain.
  • It can help to maintain healthy eyes.

Red wine is so healthy that we recommend it not only to those who are interested in wine, but also to those who are concerned for their health.
On a side note, "RAKU-SEN-KOH" is a wine of limited availability. It is rare, making it difficult to find.

We are looking forward to your visit to Yamato-no-yu.