Introducing "Awamori Yaesen", a popular strong Okinawan alcoholic beverage

July 17th 2019

"Yaesen" is popular brand of "Awamori", which is a strong Okinawan alcoholic beverage.
Considered to be a symbol of Ishigakijima, it features a rich flavor and goes down easily.

It is said that "Yaesen" goes down easily for those who are not accustomed to drinking Awamori (such as foreign tourists), and it is also popular among women and Awamori beginners.
The simple sweet taste of "Yaesen" is also recommended to those who prefer sweet alcoholic beverages over dry ones.

"Yaesen" is not only tasty, but also very good from the point of view of beauty and health.
It is said that by drinking a cup of Awamori every day, enzymes, which dissolve blood clots. enhance smooth blood circulation and prevent heart attacks and strokes, are activated.

We highly recommend it straight or on the rocks in order to enjoy the pure flavor of "Awamori Yaesen".