Introducing a Japanese sake, "Murokagenshu” from Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute, which is highly recommended for the mid-summer enjoyment.

July 29th 2019

Naohiko Noguchi is recognized as a contemporary Japanese sake master craftsman and also called a god of sake brewing.
He is famous in the sake world, and is also included in the Big 4 chief sake brewers known as "Toji".

"Murokagenshu” by Naohiko Noguchi tastes moderately sour, and has a deep, smooth flavor of undiluted sake.
It is recommended with Japanese dishes, and brings out the full flavor of the dishes.

The ingredients of Japanese sake are very simple: it is made from only rice and water.
Laboratory research reveals that Japanese sake activates natural killer cells and helps prevent cancer.
We can maintain our health by having 1 to 2 cups of sake daily.

Please visit Yamato-no-yu and enjoy a decanter of "Murokagenshu" with our tasty sushi.