The effects of "Onreikogoyoku", which means alternating between hot and cold baths

August 19th 2019

It is said that "Onreikogoyoku" is a very good bathing method for recovery from exhaustion and prevention of disease, peripheral blood vessels are widened with the stimulation of hot and cold water, and it also promotes emission of lactic acid (fatigue substance) from our body.

= How to proceed with "Onreikogoyoku" =

  1. First, warm up body sufficiently in the Onsen.
  2. Next, take a cold water bath.
  3. Repeat this alternating between onsen and cold water bath about 3 times.

"Onreikogoyoku" increases your blood circulation, and you'll feel relaxed and your body metabolism will also be enhanced.
Further, it not only refreshes your body, but also normalizes the autonomic nervous system and cures various bodily disorders, such as stiff neck and shoulders.
Above all, you'll most certainly be attracted to the refreshing pleasantness of the cold water.

"Onreikogoyoku" is highly recommended to those who suffer from sleeplessness and cold sensitivity.
Please give it a try at Yamato-no-yu.

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