Lower-body bathing is recommended in the lingering summer heat

September 2nd 2019

In this hot summer season, large temperature gaps between outside and inside with air-conditioners running tires the body and may cause autonomic nervous system disorders.

In this season, "Lower-body bathing" is effective in preventing the problem.
In Japan, there is a health-promoting method called "Zukansokunetsu", which literally means “cool head, warm feet” and this will improve your sleep.
We can adopt this "Zukansokunetsu" to Onsen bathing; we just have to soak our lower-body in the onsen. It promotes detox without putting a burden on the heart.
It is also recommended to sit on the steps in the onsen and soak only below the waist. This is called "Koshiyoku".

You might think warming only the lower half of your body is not enough to warm the entire body, but actually, warming your legs promotes better blood circulation and in 4 to 5 minutes your upper body will be warmed as well, and you'll begin sweating.
If you feel your upper body getting cold, please try soaking up to your shoulders, putting a towel on your upper body or pouring hot water on yourself.

How about relaxing your exhausted body with the high-quality Onsen we are so very proud of?
We are looking forward to your visit from the bottom of our hearts.