A recommended bathing technique, "Bunkatsuyoku", which means divided bathing

September 24th 2019

Onsen contain ingredients which are effective in healing our mind and body, and it is important to know the best bathing techniques to make the most of your Onsen experience.
The Japanese feel that the most comfortable water temperature for bathing is from 40 to 42 degrees.
At these temperatures, bathing 5 to 6 minutes is usually considered to be appropriate, and a continuous, longer bathing time than this will strain the body.

To decrease the strain and to help you enjoy bathing for longer, we recommend you try a bathing technique called "Bunkatsuyoku".
"Bunkatsuyoku" divides bathing into separate, short periods of bathing time with breaks in between.
For example, bathing for 3 minutes, having a short break, then re-entering the bath, and repeating this 3 times, would come to a total bathing time of 9 minutes.
In fact, a 9-minute "Bunkatsuyoku" will help to maintain a higher body temperature for a longer duration than a 10-minute bath will.
It is said that "Bunkatsuyoku warms the body from deep inside, and increases blood circulation, and this keeps the body warmer for longer, and puts less strain on the body.

Please enjoy our high quality Onsen for a comfortable, relaxing experience.