- Château Mercian Koshu Awashi Murasaki (White, dry) - Japanese wine which thoroughly pursues compatibility with Japanese food "Washoku"

November 5th 2019

The clear beautiful color of "Koshu Awashi Murasaki" is indeed elegant.
By eliminating tannins, sweetness and so on as much as possible, it's very refined, so if you enjoy it with "Washoku", it brings out the flavor even more.
When cooled, it is smooth and refreshing.
And as it gradually returns to room temperature, the fruity flavor and sweet bitterness appear, which is perfect for bringing out the flavor of fish dishes.

Other than Koshu Awashi Murasaki, we also have many wines which go well with Sushi.
We also have a good selection of Japanese sake. We can make recommendations if you’re uncertain as to what will go best with your meal. Please feel free to ask us.

Awarded "silver" at the 6th “SAKURA” Japan Women's Wine Awards 2019