Japanese Sake recommendation - "Yanagi" - from "Tsuki-no-Katsura", a popular, well-established sake brewery in Kyoto.

December 3rd 2019

Although "Yanagi" is categorized as a dry sake, its original sweet taste remains and its deep, rich flavor is unique.
"Yanagi" is even offered at 4 star New York restaurants, as well as on Lufthansa Airlines.

There is a proverb in Japan that goes, "Sake is the best medicine".
The reason is that Japanese Sake contains more than 700 nutrients, and more than 100 of those are extraordinarily healthy ingredients. Furthermore, it was recently revealed that those several hundred ingredients help to prevent or cure disease, while controlling our health.

Please enjoy "Yanagi" with popular dishes, especially at the 3rd floor Sushi bar, Shion, at Yamato-no-yu.